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The 'Fall of Nature' in Scripture and Early Tradition 

A Note on Scripture and the Claim of Universal Common Ancestry

A Reply to Bruce Gordon's Biblical Critique of YEC (off-site)

Bill Nye 'the Uninformed Guy'

A View of Creation

Radiometric Dating

Additional Clues That Something is Wrong with Conventional Dates

The Fossil Record and Distant Starlight

Summary of Big-Bang Creation Story

The Origin and Diversification of Life

Quotes on Complexity of Cell and Origin of Life

Letter to a Young Friend About God's Existence

Summary of Spetner's Not by Chance!

Review of Kurt Wise's Faith, Form and Time

The Nephilim and the Flood

A Note on Gen. 1:2 and Job 38:8-11

Select Resources of Interest to Creationists

My Categorized List of Web Articles of Interest to Creationists (off-site)

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