Rom. 14:1 - 15:13 - The Strong and the Weak

The Meaning of Apoluō in the Synoptic Divorce Texts

Music in Christian Worship

Assessing Evidence for Instrumental Music in Early Christian Worship

Archaeology and the Bible

Israel, Egypt, and the Exodus

Christians and Sickness in the Present Age

On the Materiality of the Eternal State

Scripture and the Shroud of Turin

The Sermon on the Mount

The Bible and Homosexual Conduct

The Parables of Jesus

Questions Teens May Have About God, the Bible, and the Christian Faith

Women Are Prohibited from Teaching Men in Christian Assemblies

The Historical Case for the Resurrection of Christ

Answering the New Atheism

Some Thoughts on Angels

Some Thoughts on Demons

Some Thoughts on Prayer

Some Thoughts on Baptism

Cornelius and Rebaptism

Some Thoughts on Suffering

Christians and the Sabbath

A Note on the Mosaic Law

Matthew 23

A Sketch of Mat. 24:1-42

A Brief Study of Eschatology

Abortion: An Uncomfortable Evil

Tracing Solomon's Failure of Faith

Imparting Faith to Isaac

Imparting Faith to Jacob

Imparting Faith to Joseph

Introduction to Prophecy

Some Thoughts on the Cessation of Miraculous Gifts

Some Thoughts on the Intermediate State of the Dead

Reexamining the Rule of Concord in Acts 2:38

Some Thoughts on the Submission of Wives

Some Thoughts on Husbands' Responsibilities

Some Thoughts on Divorce and Remarriage

More Thoughts on Divorce and Remarriage

Another View on the Structure of James

Being Judged by Homosexuals

A Short Study on Elders

Harmony of Last Supper Accounts

Wenham's Chronology of Crucifixion and Resurrection Events

Observing the Lord's Supper Each Lord's Day

Letter Explaining My Rejection of Hyper-Preterism

The Resurrection of the Body

An Overview of the Bible's Story

The Story (1) – From Creation to Abraham

The Story (2) - Joseph in God's Story

The Story (3) - Moses in God's Story

The Story (4) - The Ten Commandments and Beyond

The Story (5) - From Sinai to Canaan's Border

The Story (6) - Joshua

The Story (7) - Judges

The Story (8) - Ruth

The Story (9) - Young David

The Story (10) - King David

The Story (11) - King Solomon

The Story (12) - Kings (Part 1)

The Story (13) - Kings (Part 2)

The Story (14) - The Prophets

The Story (15) - The Fall of Judah

The Story (16) - Ezra

The Story (17) - Esther

The Story (18) - Rest of O.T. and the Intertestamental Period

The Story (19) - Jesus' Birth

The Story (20) - Jesus' Ministry

The Story (21) - No Ordinary Man

The Story (22) - Son of God

The Story (23) - Hour of Darkness

The Story (24) - The Resurrection

The Story (25) - The Early Church

The Story (26) - Paul's Ministry

The Story (27) - Paul's Final Days

The Story (28) - The End of Time

The Story (29) - Recap and Covenants